Our Company

We have always been a family run operation, which we are very proud of. We can all say that we have a great deal of passion for what we do. In business for over 20 years, Owner and President Dave Borey, along with his wife Darla Borey- in charge of bookkeeping/accounting- and John Borey- who joined the company full time in 2005- has developed Borey and Sons Inc. into a mature and growing countertop fabrication facility.

Our ultimate mission is to provide valuable products and services and exceed customer expectations while holding true to the belief that there is more to value than a fair price for great service. Being retailer/fabricators, we are able to assist our customers from design to completion, unlike the "Big Box" stores.

We listen to our customers' needs, ideas and concerns throughout design and fabrication, as customers are with us through the entire process. Understanding that no company is perfect, including ours, every day we are eager to solve problems and issues as they arise, diligently and completely. Being a family owned small-business, we feel different from national or multi-chain retailers, in that customers are more to us than a name on an invoice. This makes us passionate about sharing our knowledge, support and service with customers, at the same time building lasting relationships with them. We recognize we are here because of our customers, and want them to know they matter.

At Borey and Sons Inc. we truly believe all of these things are what add to the value of our products and services. Our mission, then, is to sow valuable products and harvest long-lasting relationships in and around our community.

-Borey and Sons Inc.