See Why Decorative Tile Is Perfect for Your Richland, Pasco and Kennewick, WA area Kitchen and Bathrooms

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You may be familiar with the low-maintenance and durability qualities of tile, but you will likely be surprised by the nearly limitless style, color and installation possibilities decorative tile offers. Tile and stone are available in many sizes, shapes, colors and patterns, so you can find the product that perfectly complements your home. For a truly unique look, incorporate multiple colors and styles and go with a non-traditional installation pattern. Ask your remodeling expert at Borey and Sons in Pasco, WA about ways you can enhance the performance and appeal of your kitchen and bathrooms with tile and stone surfaces.

A Variety Of Quality Tile To Choose From

Tile is ideal for many surfaces

The low-maintenance and resiliency of tile make it the ideal choice for many surfaces in your Pasco, Kennewick or Richland area kitchen and bathroom. Many people choose tile when remodeling because tile is:

•Low maintenance - tile requires very little maintenance; simple cleaning and an occasional grout sealing will have your tile looking like new

•Durable - highly resilient and virtually impervious to moisture, tile repels damage and wear better than most other materials

•Versatile - an expert remodeling contractor can lay tile in a variety of patterns and incorporate other styles for a truly unique surface

•Adaptable - walls, floors and backsplashes are perfect for tile and using tile for multiple surfaces is a great way to create a uniform look

Tile backsplashes are a perfect way to add function and fascination to your kitchen. In the bathroom, use tile to bring appeal and convenience to highly-used and hard-to-clean spaces such as shower walls. For more information about the versatility of tile and how you can upgrade your Pasco, Kennewick or Richland, WA, home with tile surfaces, call Borey and Sons today.